Did you take out a loan through a broker with any of the following; Blemain, Nemo, Swift, GE Money before 2007?

If so it is highly likely that your broker will have received what is known as a “Secret Commission”. The courts have described this as a bribe made by the lender to entice the broker to offer their loan to you instead of another loan that might have represented better value to you. If this is the case then we may be able to get all of the interest and fees that you paid on the loan fully refunded.


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Secret Commission Claims

Following a Court of Appeal decision in March 2015, Loan Brokers may not have disclosed the high level of commission they were paid by the lender. A typical claim is worth £5,400.

Payment Protection Insurance Claims

Banks and financial institutions have set aside close to £20billion to cover the cost of mis sold PPI claims. It is estimated that only 50% of mis-sold PPI has been repaid with many people still not realising they had taken out a policy.

Unfair Lending

Have you been sold an unaffordable or inappropriate loan or mortgage? You could be owed substantial compensation or even have your loan set aside. Allow our in-house lawyers to help.

Rejected PPI Claims

Following the Plevin decision many previously rejected PPI claims may now be reinvestigated. Queensbeck can now pursue the creditor directly / proceed on the basis of an ‘Unfair Relationship’ rather than a ‘mis-selling’ claim.

Unfair Relationship Claims

Following the Supreme Court decision in Plevin-v-Paragon finance, you may now be entitled to recover the commission paid to your lender by their insurance company. A typical claim is worth £10,500.

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learn more about Unfair Relationship and Secret Commission Claims

If you have taken out a loan within the last 15 years, then you could be entitled to a reimbursement.

CCA 1974

In 2006, changes were made to the law to better protect consumers who enter into credit agreements. Download our infographic.

Unfair Practices

View our infographic & see if any of the unfair practices apply to you. Contact us to start your claim.

Secret Payments

Did you know that your lender may have paid a large bribe to your finance broker without you knowing? Read more here.

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Once you have submitted your enquiry using our enquiry forms on the relevant page or contacted us on 0161 348 7670 and Queensbeck has assessed your eligibility for a claim, we will send you a claims pack and an introductory letter for you to simply sign, date and return to us by freepost. Once we have received your claim pack, we will use the letter of authority which was provided in the claim pack you returned, we will write to your lender to request your loan file. The documentation will then be reviewed and a letter of claim will be prepared which is then submitted to your lender. Following the submission, Queensbeck will then negotiate with your lender to agree compensation.

1. Complete Claim Pack

2. Obtain Evidence

3. Assessment & Claim

4. Agree Compensation

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