Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Protection Insurance Questions

What is PPI?

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was initially introduced by banks to cover their customers who may fall into arrears when trying to pay off their loan due to an accident, illness or unemployment. Unfortunately this soon turned into another sales product and banks were just selling the policy to anyone even though the PPI package was overpriced, unnecessary or unsuitable.

How do I know if I had PPI?

Check any statements sent by your lender and see if PPI / Payment Protection Insurance is listed. Alternatively, give Queensbeck a call and one of our advisors can investigate: 0800 298 9511.

Can I still make a PPI claim if I no longer have any paperwork?

Contact a member of the Queensbeck claims team on 0800 298 9511 and we’ll start a search for any PPI products that you may have had with your lender. To begin the inquiry process, we’d need as much personal information as you can provide (e.g. former surnames, previous addresses…).

How far back can I claim on PPI?

This depends on how long the lender has retained records for.

Can I make a claim on a loan that has now been paid off?

If you have paid your loan off then you can still start a claim. Either fill in our quick claims checker or call one of our expert claims advisors on 0800 298 9511.

Will my credit rating be affected?

Your credit rating will not be affected by making a claim.

How do I know if I've been mis-sold PPI?

You could be owed substantial sums if any of the following unfair practices applies to you:

  • Excessive fees and charges were added when you went into arrears
  • You still owe significantly more than you borrowed
  • The interest rate applied was not in line with your personal and financial circumstances
  • You were not informed that your loan broker would be getting huge commissions as high as 85% of any PPI Policy paid to you
  • Insurance charges were added to your account when you already had insurance in place

URSC Claims Questions

What is a URSC Claim?

An Unfair Relationship claim and Secret Commission claim is when your lender or broker has not been completely transparent with you and they have not disclosed that there was a secret commission paid to them. If this is the case then this is a breach of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and you could make a financial mis-selling claim.

What is the claims process?

Once you have submitted your enquiry using our enquiry form or contacted us on 0800 298 9511 and Queensbeck has assessed your eligibility for a claim, we will send you a claim pack and an introductory letter for you to simply sign, date and return to us by free post.

Once we have received your claim pack, we will use the letter of authority which was provided in the claim pack you returned, we will write to your lender to request your loan file. The documentation will then be reviewed and a letter of claim will be prepared which is then submitted to your lender. Following the submission, Queensbeck will then negotiate with your lender to agree compensation.

How long does the process take?

Due to the complex nature of your case, it can take quite some time, however, there is not an average timescale as each case differs from the last. We do endeavour to update you at each milestone.

How long will it take to receive the documents from the lender?

Upon receiving your completed claim pack, we will then send a request to retrieve your loan file. The lender must respond to our request for data within 40 working days of receiving it.

Will my case go to court?

We are not currently at that stage so it is hard to say as each case is different. We will refer your case to our preferred Solicitors if the lender does not admit liability. This is so they can dispute their decision at which point if we need to pursue your case any further you will be updated.

If my case is taken to court, are there any further Fees?

We only charge a % on a successful claim, there are no other charges unless we have to take steps to recover our fees.

My lender is calling me, what should I do?

If the lender does try to contact you in relation to your case, please do not discuss anything in relation to your casewith them and simply refer them to us.

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