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Received a Plevin Offer? Read this…

22nd February 2018 Blog 0

Recently we have seen a surge in the number of Consumers receiving Plevin type offers from their Lenders. On the…Read More

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

25th December 2017 Blog 0

After another fantastic season, it is the perfect time to reflect and show appreciation. Christmas is a time of giving, and at…Read More

Re-opening rejected PPI claims

16th November 2017 Blog 0

Unfortunately fewer people are pursuing a Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claim that was originally rejected. Queensbeck are able to re-open…Read More

The rise of PPI complaints

30th October 2017 Blog 0

The Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) scandal has reached it’s highest level in complaints since the past there years. The Financial…Read More

Undisclosed commission constitutes as a bribe

21st September 2017 Blog 0

If a dealer was acting as an agent for the seller and has made a secret profit where this has…Read More

Almost 750,000 customers could claim compensation on their PPI

2nd August 2017 Blog

Almost 750,000 customers could claim compensation on their Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). UK banks have set aside a further £1.5bn…Read More

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The Fiduciary Rule

20th July 2017 Blog

Financial advisors and brokers must act in the best interest of the client [borrower] and put their client’s interest above…Read More

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Consumer Debt is becoming unmanageable due to Store Cards

20th July 2017 Blog

Consumer debt is becoming unmanageable as high street shops continue to sell store cards with sky high interests rates, as…Read More

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FCA to enter legal battle over PPI deadline

3rd July 2017 Blog

A Wales based Claims Management company has been challenging the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) over the last 12 months to…Read More

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Large banking players caught out after claiming “lost” customer records

30th June 2017 Blog

A few of the large banking players have been caught out after claiming they have “lost” customer records and are…Read More