Queensbeck client gets an offer to reduce their debt from £26,975.57 to £2,000

12th June 2017 Blog, Case Study

The Noon family had a manageable secured loan with Welcome Finance; £26,975.57.

Mr Noon became very ill and was unable to work, leaving Mrs Noon to handle the loan repayments and provide for the family. Unfortunately Mrs Noon found the loan repayments unmanageable and they soon fell into arrears.

Financial difficulties were further escalating and Mrs Noon struggled to keep up with the payments for the secured loan and other unsecured creditors.

Welcome Finance began to bombard Mrs Noon with nuisance calls and letters which caused the family a great deal of anxiety and stress.

Mrs Noon made several attempts to negotiate her payment plans with Welcome Finance but they rejected her proposals and threatened to make her family homeless.

Welcome Finance treated the Noon family unfairly and ended up repossessing the family’s home. The secured loan that the Noon family had, soon became unsecured.

The above events compelled the Noon family to instruct Queensbeck to handle their case. Shortly after Welcome Finance were made aware of the Noon family’s decision to pursue a case with Queensbeck, Welcome Finance submitted an offer to reduce the debt from £26,975.57 to £2,000 totalling in a reduction of £24,975.57.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Noon.