Thousands of NHS health board employees mis-sold PPI

15th June 2017 Blog

Thousands of NHS health board employees who have guaranteed no compulsory redundancies were sold “pointless” redundancy cover and PPI insurance.

One bank in particular has been “names and shamed” for repeatedly calling customers in order to avoid paying out. Many Lloyds bank customers came forward and said that they felt that they were bing pestered and harassed.

Banks are now being caught out for their tactics and it is becoming more apparent that banks are getting tougher for customers to deal with in order to be able to reject claims and reduce the amount of money they have to pay out. Banks re becoming more ruthless with their tactics even though they are in the wrong as they have sold protection insurance to customers that cant be made redundant and the purpose of the insurance is to protect customers who lose their job and can’t afford to make their loan repayments.

A campaign has now been launched with a cut off point for PPI claims; August 2019, and they are urging people that have been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) to make a claim.

If you think you may a claim then get in touch with Queensbeck’s expert claims advisors and start a no win no fee claim.